gardenia tahitensis

Tiare Tahiti

Gardenia Tahitensis

The characteristic aroma of Anakena cosmetics® is Monoï, a floral/fruity fragrance typical of Polynesia and rarely used in cosmetics.

The Tiare flower is a delicate and very fragrant white gardenia, symbol of French Polynesia. It is very important because it is used in many traditional natural scents, as well as in perfumes and as a symbol during ceremonies and traditional festivals. The Tiare flower is used to make beautiful necklaces that are given as a symbol of welcome and, the flower placed behind the ear is not only an ornament but is also used to communicate the marital status of the wearer. 

The best known product made from Tiare Tahiti is the natural Monoï oil. Its origin is in French Polynesia, and it is produced especially in Tahiti by macerating the Tiare flowers in refined coconut oil extracted from the pulp of the fruit. The production of natural Monoï oil is still carried out in a traditional way, so it is very controlled and has a denomination of origin. 

At Anakena we are especially proud to count among our products the Monoï de Tahiti Oil, 100% natural and with the seal of approval ".Appellation d'Origine®"(appellation of origin). In addition, each bottle of Monoï includes a delicate Tiare flower.

Of course, the other Anakena products also carry the Monoï scent. For this we use a specially developed scent to ensure that the fragrance remains on the skin for many hours, as the natural scent is very mild and does not last very long.

It is found in the following products: Monoï de Tahiti, exfoliating shower gel, face cream, body butter, Eau de Parfum, hand cream, mild soap, shampoo and nourishing balm.