Launch Monoï de Tahiti Tiare Anakena

The ANAKENA - Natural Cosmetics range of personal care products is now completed with the oldest beauty secret of Polynesia: the MONOÏ DE TAHITI Tiare, an original 100% product, produced in French Polynesia with the Appellation d'Origne (appellation of origin).

The pure Monoï Anakena oil is produced in Tahiti by macerating Tiare flowers (gardenia tahitensis) in a very fine coconut oil, following strict traditional processes for hundreds of years. There is one Tahitian Tiare flower in each bottle.

It is a product with endless possible applications, among them as an oil for face and body care, as a hair treatment and the best known as a suntan oil for sunbathing.

Contents: 100 ml, glass container

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