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In this section you will find more information about our points of sale and distributors throughout Chile.

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Mango Soap

Our Soaps for sale in Concepción

We have nice news: In the online store of our friend Lilian Núñez, called Violet_byliliannunez, from now on you can find in addition to Anakena cosmetics, the exquisite handmade soaps made by ourselves in Rapa Nui, with local ingredients! You can choose between

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Model on Anakena Ahu Nau Nau beach

Rapa Nui welcomes you

Finally, at the beginning of August, the moment we were all waiting for arrived and Rapa Nui reopened its airport to receive visitors after almost two and a half years of closure due to the pandemic. We are very happy

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Amiga Santiago Pharmacies

Amiga Pharmacies in Santiago

Farmacias Amiga is an independent pharmacy located on Los Leones Street, one of the most central avenues in the Providencia neighborhood of Santiago. This well-kept pharmacy is attended in a very professional manner by its owner, Rodolfo Padilla Arriagada, a

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MIA Talca Store

MIA Store in Talca

The MIA Tu Regalo store opened its doors in August 2020 in the TueVivo shopping center in Talca. It is a beautiful store whose aim is to be a meaningful community, a meeting place where to share experiences

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Vai Marama Store

Vai Marama Store

The Vai Marama store is one of the latest points of sale to join the Anakena - Natural Cosmetics family on the wonderful island of Rapa Nui. For Anakena it is a very special venture, since it is

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Olita de Mar Rapa Nui Store

Olita de Mar Store

A few months ago, during the difficult times of the pandemic and with the island of Rapa Nui closed to tourism, the store "Olita de Mar" was born, created by Nicole Benavides. Nicole's initial idea was to find an entertaining activity for the

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