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K'umara Ecotienda Arica

K'umara Ecotienda in Arica

Today we would like to introduce you to all our friends who love natural products and, of course, Anakena...

In this section you will find more information about our points of sale and distributors throughout Chile.

K'umara Ecotienda Arica

K'umara Ecotienda in Arica

Today we would like to introduce our northernmost distributor in the historic city of Arica, K'umara Ecotienda, to all our natural-loving friends and, of course, Anakena Lovers in northern Chile. The store is well stocked, and there

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Conque Rapa Nui Store

Conque store in Rapa Nui

Anakena - Natural Cosmetics is not only a cosmetics brand, it is also a company committed to the environment and takes its responsibility in this regard very seriously. That is precisely why the

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Erua Neru Rapa Nui Store

Erua Neru store in Rapa Nui

The beautiful E'rua Neru store, born in Rapa Nui in early 2022, is now part of the Anakena family. It is a beautiful venture resulting from the feelings of two courageous and hardworking women who, dreaming of a space for

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Pae Pae or Gallo Rapa Nui

Pae Pae or Gallo Store

In Easter Island there are several very special stores and stores, among them is the store "Pae Pae o Gallo", owned by our dear friend Ulla. In this charming store, located in front of the Municipality, on the street that goes down from

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Mahina Pakarati Mahatua Store Handicraft Market Hanga Roa

Mahatua Store

In the Handicraft Market of Hanga Roa, Rapa Nui, visitors can find many typical products and beautiful souvenirs. One of these stalls is Mahatua Store, a place with a lot of history since it was born from the hand of the koro (grandfather).

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Amiga Pharmacies Providencia Santiago


Our friends always ask us where they can buy Anakena cosmetics in Santiago, so this time we want to tell you about one of those places: Farmacias Amiga. This complete pharmacy, located on Los Leones Avenue in the heart of Santiago, is a

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