Be Part of Our Anakena Community

Be Part of Our Anakena Community


IORANA precious friends! We welcome you to our community "Be authentic & be you", using the traditional Rapa Nui greeting.

At Anakena we believe that it is important for every woman to feel good, calm and at ease with herself. Free from the stress and problems of everyday life. Therefore, our community wants to become that place where together we can share beautiful feelings and emotions, and enjoy beautiful moments such as "a sunny day at the beach".

Beauty is about being at ease with yourself.

The exotic fragrance of Anakena - Natural Cosmetics and its natural ingredients, inspired by Easter Island, will transport you from any place and at any time, to that mysterious island called Rapa Nui. A link with a unique ancestral people that for centuries has lived on the island for centuries. Te Pito Te Henua -the navel of the world-, in the heart of the South Seas.

Be part of this community and share with us the joy of being natural, being authentic, being YOU!


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