For Anakena - Natural Cosmetics one of the main priorities is to be respectful with nature and the environment. Therefore, Anakena cosmetics are "cruelty free", meaning that neither they nor the raw materials with which they are made have been tested on animals and have the Te Protejo seal that proves it.

Te Protejo is a non-profit organization that promotes the use of personal care and grooming products that are not tested on animals, along with other initiatives that respect the environment and animals. It has a network of more than 100 volunteers in the areas of activism, outreach and consumer education, who help disseminate information about the NGO's mission and about responsible Chilean and foreign companies, in order to raise awareness about animal protection in different areas.

Products with the Te Protejo seal undergo an exhaustive verification in order to guarantee that all their components comply with the "cruelty free" requirement. The Te Protejo symbol is present on the packaging of all our products.

If you want to know more, we recommend you to visit the  website of the NGO Te Protejo.


Being ambassadors of Easter Island and Chile is one of the greatest prides of Anakena - Natural Cosmetics. That is why we are pleased to have been included in the select group of products identified with the "Chile Brand", a symbol that recognizes our cosmetics as products that enhance and value the country's brand.

Chile Country Brand is much more than a graphic expression, it is a symbol of what it means to be a Chilean product in order to strengthen a unique and competitive identity of the country. It is a collective challenge and a task where the richness and diversity that characterizes Chile are integrated into a symbol that communicates to the world the vitality of an entire country, to open to more and better opportunities, mainly in the areas of exports, foreign investment and tourism.

It is an honor for Anakena to carry the "Marca Chile" seal on the packaging of all our products.

For more information visit the  Marca Chile website.

Appellation d'Origine


Monoï de Tahiti is the first cosmetic product to receive an appellation of origin. This seal confirms the Polynesian origin of its ingredients, the controls in its selection and the quality of its manufacture.

"Appellation d'Origine" - rules of use

The exceptional properties of Monoï de Tahiti were officially recognized in April 1992 by the Appellation of Origin which is a guarantee of authenticity and quality. This seal is only awarded to products that are made in French Polynesia according to local and constantly monitored manufacturing processes: The Gardenia tahitensis (Polynesian flower, also called Tiare Tahiti) is macerated in refined coconut oil. The guarantee derived from this initiative has helped Monoïs 90% to comply with current legislation.