Do you like our unique line of ANAKENA natural cosmetics and are interested in becoming a distributor? As owners of the brand, we are the only ones who carry out the wholesale of Anakena cosmetics so if you would like to become one of our distributors we will be happy to serve you directly.

We want to establish trusted business relationships with natural products stores, beauty salons, wholesale and retail distributors and wellness facilities throughout Chile, who are looking for a high quality natural cosmetics line.

We are a reliable business partner, with attractive conditions in direct sales, immediate order processing and fast deliveries. We provide our distributors with promotional tools such as photos, catalogs, professional videos and all the advice they need to help them in their marketing and sales strategies.

We appreciate your contact. 

We are happy to tell you that after a long time without being able to travel due to the closure of Rapa Nui, we will be in Santiago from Thursday June 30 until Monday July 4, 2022. If you have a naturopathic store, pharmacy, cosmetics store, or any similar business and you are interested in knowing the delicious Anakena cosmetics to be part of our family of distributors, we will be happy to visit you and give you all the information for wholesale.

ANAKENA - Natural Cosmetics is a natural cosmetics brand inspired by the beauty and unique aromas of Easter Island. We have been in the national market for 7 years and 4 years in the European market. All products have a nice packaging, bar code, ISP registration, are cruelty free and carry the Marca Chile seal.

Contact us at Cel/WhatsApp +569 98763869mail: info@anakena-cosmetics.cl and we coordinate the day and time to meet.

Anakena - Natural Cosmetics arrives in Santiago

From May 27-29, 2024, Anakena will be in Santiago de Chile, offering a unique opportunity to discover our exclusive line of Rapa Nui inspired products. With high quality products, Monöi fragrance and eco-friendly packaging, we seek to establish partnerships with local distributors to meet the growing demand in the capital.

Join this exciting expansion! Schedule a meeting with us to explore wholesale opportunities.

For more details, visit our blog.

We distinguish ourselves by:

✔︎ Being a natural cosmetics line.

✔︎ Use unusual ingredients in cosmetics, such as organic guava extract.

✔︎ To carry the exquisite Monoï fragrance in our products.

✔︎ Offer authentic products such as our Monoï de Tahiti bearing the "Apellation d'Origene" seal.

✔︎ Being a cruelty free brand, certified by the NGO Te Protejo.

✔︎ Being born and representing one of the most beautiful places in the world: Rapa Nui.

✔︎ To be part of "Marca Chile" representing the country with our products.

✔︎ Made in Chile, supporting national commerce.

✔︎ Comply with all legal requirements, including ISP registration of all products.

✔︎ Offer products with beautiful, high quality packaging.

✔︎ To be committed to maintaining the brand's image high at all times in the Chilean and foreign markets.

✔︎ Have extensive experience supporting new ventures and working with them to grow their businesses.

✔︎ To offer our distributors abundant promotional material, with the characteristic image of our brand.

✔︎ To be a responsible 100% supplier with vast experience accompanying projects in SERCOTEC, CONADI, FOSIS and others.

✔︎ To be "women supporting women" - together we help each other and grow.

Natural Ingredients

Sustainable Development

No Animal Testing

High Quality Standards

Planet Friendly

Paraben free

Natural Ingredients

Sustainable Development

No Animal Testing

High Quality Standards

Planet Friendly

Paraben free


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    General Terms and Conditions of Sale and Wholesale Delivery

    Dear customer/distributor, to know the General Terms and Conditions of sale and delivery of products of Rapa Nui Natural Products EIRL, please send us an email to info@anakena-cosmetics.cl and we will send them to you as soon as possible via e-mail.

    Anakena - Natural Cosmetics in Europe

    The ANAKENA brand® - Natural Cosmetics is also present in Europe, produced in Germany and France, and distributed from the warehouse in Munich, Germany.
    If you are interested in purchasing or distributing Anakena cosmetics in Europe, please contact Anakena GmbH & Co. KG in Germany.
    Mail: info@anakena.de
    Website: https://anakena.de/