Be unique

True beauty is inner beauty.

Anakena - Natural Cosmetics is an "indie brand", that is to say an independent brand born from a dream that goes beyond cosmetics. Our goal is to bring to our customers products created and produced with love and respect for people, but also for the environment, animals and everything around us.

"We are convinced that the beauty that really matters is the one that comes from within us and keeps our spirit in balance and serenity. And this is only achieved by keeping ourselves in harmony with nature and the world around us."

Of course we know that it is also important to take care of our "outer shell" and that is why we design products designed to protect, moisturize and nourish the skin and hair, but always in a harmonious way.

Anakena cosmetics are meant to be part of your life on a daily basis. We do not promise you "eternal youth" if you use our products, but we will help you take care of your body in the most natural way possible. We are convinced that every stage of life is beautiful and full of blessings. Youth, maturity and old age are part of the cycle of life and should be lived fully and with gratitude.

At a time when rush and stress seem to dominate every day of our lives, we want Anakena to become an invitation to rest, relaxation and well-being, creating for you moments of tranquility and introspection and leaving in your mind a sense of peace.

Our goal is that each of our cosmetics is also a link between you and that wonderful island called Rapa Nui, whose natural richness and sensual aromas are our source of inspiration. We want Anakena to bring to your home part of the essence and magical energy of this unique place in the world.

Stop, take a deep breath, feel the wonders that surround you and discover all the value that lies within you. 
Love and accept yourself as you are and you will be able to love and accept others and find the true meaning of life.