Our History

Our History

The cradle of Anakena

The beginnings of what is now Anakena - Natural Cosmetics date back to a small and cozy natural products store located in the heart of Hanga Roa, the only urban area of Easter Island.

The store, called "Rapa Nui Natural Products", was the first naturist store on the island and its aim was to make healthy food and personal care products available to customers. The store's offer was based on two pillars: on the one hand, on natural products that we brought from mainland Chile and, on the other hand, on our own products.

There were many handmade products that we made and sold at Rapa Nui Natural Products, for example jams made with fruits from the island, chocolates in the shape of moai or gourmet salts with herbs from our organic garden.

We started the production of natural cosmetics in our workshop with handmade soaps, but soon we included other products such as bath salts, solid perfume, massage bars, massage oils, lip gloss, etc. All prepared with a large amount of natural ingredients from the island itself (herbs, fruits, algae, etc.) and from the beginning under the brand Anakena.

That experience was so well received by the local population and visitors to the island that it prompted us to go a step further and launch ourselves into the adventure of creating, on a much larger scale, a brand of natural cosmetics inspired by the beauty, aromas and raw materials of the island.

The challenge was then to find a laboratory that would offer us maximum guarantees in the manufacture of the products and to be able to use top quality raw materials, all with maximum respect for the environment. And we succeeded!

This is how Anakena - Natural Cosmetics was born, as the perfect fusion between the essence of Rapa Nui and top quality manufacturing processes, which comply with all legal requirements, are respectful of their environment and are free of animal testing.

Today, the Anakena® brand consists of a complete line of skin and hair care products, and continues to grow with the same love and enthusiasm as the first day, selling successfully in Rapa Nui souvenir stores and also in stores (mostly naturist) throughout Chile.