Tahiti Anakena Monoi

New Monoï de Tahiti Anakena: The Essential Oil for a Dazzling Tan arrives in Chile

Our Anakena Lovers have been waiting for it and we can already confirm that the new production of our fabulous Monoï de Tahiti has arrived in Chile, just in time for the summer vacations.

Produced in Tahiti, as guaranteed by its "Appellation d' Origine"Monoï Anakena is the perfect oil for pool and beach days, as it enhances the tan, leaving the skin with a beautiful golden tone! Use it together with a sunscreen, so that you get a wonderful tan without neglecting the protection your skin needs. Remember that Monoï oil does not contain UV protection.

Each bottle of Monoï contains premium coconut oil and an authentic gardenia tahitensis flower, known as "tiare tahiti", so you can hold all the fascinating charm of Polynesia in your hands.

Anakena Tahiti Monoï is a must-have in your beach bag, not only to enhance your tan but also to moisturize your skin after sunbathing. Don't miss the opportunity to take it with you and experience its benefits.

Visit our SALES POINTS throughout Chile and in Rapa Nui to get yours.


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