Hibiscus shop on Rapa Nui

Hibiscus shop on Rapa Nui

The Anakena family in Rapa Nui is made up of beautiful enterprises, and that is why today we want to dedicate a space to one of those beloved distributors of our cosmetics: the beautiful Hibiscus Store, located on Te Pito o te Henua street, in front of the soccer field.

This store is named after one of the most abundant and beautiful flowers of Easter Island, the Hibiscus. Silvia, its owner, chose it because for her this flower is a symbol of resistance and not only of beauty. The hibiscus, whose colors can range from red to white, through yellow and orange, blooms throughout the year, resisting heat, rain or cold.

Although Silvia started her online venture in 2021 - in the middle of the pandemic -, she took the risk of opening a physical store that, after all this time, has not only endured, but has grown thanks to the support of her customers.

Today, Hibiscus offers a wide variety of products, including clothing, shoes, handicrafts, perfumery and, of course, Anakena cosmetics.

Contact us:
Hibiscus Shop
Silvia Moraga
Av. Te Pito o te Henua s/n
Hanga Roa - Easter Island
cell: +569 82148263
Instagram: @tienditahibis


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