Monoi de Tahiti Anakena appellation d origine

"Appellation d'Origine" a quality guarantee

The Monoï de Tahiti is the first cosmetic product to have an "Appellation d'origine" seal, in French, "Appellation d'origine".Appellation d'Origine".

What does this mean, and why is this seal important? Well, this seal is very important because it guarantees the quality of the product that bears it.

Many oils called "Monoï" can be found on the market today, but it is not possible to be sure where and how they have been produced. On the other hand, when a Monoï Oil bears the seal "Appellation d'Origine" on the bottle, it means that the oil has been elaborated with all the guarantees in French Polynesia following the local manufacturing processes. This means that it is the result of the maceration of Gardenia tahitensis in refined coconut oil, without additives, colorants or artificial flavorings.

That is why we are so proud that Anakena Monoï Tahiti Anakena Oil has the "Appellation d'Origine" seal, which certifies that it is a 100% natural oil with all its beneficial properties for skin and hair.


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