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6 things you'll love to know about Anakena

If you have already used any of the Anakena cosmetics, you probably already know a lot about them, although there may be details you still don't know. And if you haven't tried them yet and want to know why you should, we're going to tell you these 6 things that will surely help you decide and make you fall in love with ANAKENA - Natural Cosmetics:

1) Anakena is a cosmetics line born in a paradisiacal island in the Pacific.

The Anakena cosmetics line was born in the wonderful Rapa Nui, also known as Easter Island, one of the most beautiful places on the planet, cradle of the Rapa Nui civilization that created the Moai, spectacular stone sculptures known worldwide. That is why our logo bears the image of a Moai.
The other image on our packaging is that of a young girl holding a branch of the guava bush, a very typical fruit of the island, whose extract we use in our products, and was created by the renowned Rapa Nui artist. Gustavo Borquez Paoa.

Although the cosmetics are manufactured in Santiago, all her inspiration comes from Rapa Nui.

2) Anakena has been recognized as an ambassador of Chile.

For its ingredients, its inspiration and its brand image, Anakena - Natural Cosmetics has been distinguished with the seal of approval. CHILE BRANDwhich recognizes her as an ambassador of Rapa Nui and Chile.
A seal that makes us proud and makes us work every day with more enthusiasm to create top quality products.

3) The products are made from unique and different ingredients.

The Anakena cosmetics line is designed for skin and hair care and is made with the following ingredients ingredients and active ingredients based on typical Easter Island products, such as seaweed and guava extract, which not only provide wonderful properties, but are rare in cosmetics, making Anakena a very special line.

4) The bee honey we use is 100% natural and the purest in the world.

Among its wonderful ingredients, the hand cream Anakena carries authentic bee honey from Rapa Nui. The isolation of the island makes its bees the healthiest in the world and therefore the honey they produce is of incomparable quality. All its wonderful properties come to your hands thanks to Anakena.

5) The whole range of Anakena products has the delicious Monoï aroma.

If you are familiar with Monoï Oil, you will know that its exquisite aroma is the result of the maceration of the Tiare flower in the finest coconut oil. This floral-fruity fragrance is the hallmark of the entire Anakena cosmetics line. When you use it, you will feel truly transported to the paradisiacal islands of Polynesia.

By the way, the Oil Monoï de Tahiti Tiare Anakena is 100% natural and comes directly from Tahiti. You will love it!

6) Anakena is available in more cities nationwide every day.

Although at the beginning it was not very easy to find Anakena products, every day we are increasing our distributors We have a nationwide presence, so you can know and purchase any of our products throughout Chile and not only in Rapa Nui.


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