review soft soap ong I protect you

Valentina shares her opinion about Anakena Gentle Soap

When we decided to add a soap to the Anakena cosmetics line, we wanted to create a gentle product, suitable for the whole family, that would clean and care for hands and body and also help keep the skin moisturized and healthy.

That's why we are so happy when someone like Valentina tells us that she has tried Anakena Soft Soap and tells us beautiful things like this: "In my house, there are three generations, grandmother, mother and son, who use this soap and each of them loved it separately".

Valentina San Cristobal is one of the specialists in beauty and natural care, who collaborates with the NGO Te Protejo, but she is also a mother and a daughter, concerned about her and her family's health and hygiene. Knowing that she considers our soap ideal for her hands fills us with joy.

We invite you to follow the next link and read Valentina's full article to discover how the "magic of Rapa Nui" has conquered her!


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