Conque Rapa Nui Store

Conque store in Rapa Nui

Anakena - Natural Cosmetics is not only a cosmetics brand, it is also a company committed to the environment and takes its responsibility in this regard very seriously. That is precisely why it is so special for us to be present in the Conque store.

The main motivation of this beautiful store is the care for the environment, the respect for diverse cultures and histories, the deep respect for art and artists, the understanding that everything is linked together, that everything is united and that every action has a response. Conque means conch in French, and therefore symbolizes the store and its creators, for its circularity, its spiral shape and the beauty of its golden ratio.

In Conque you can find products from diverse origins that represent ways to create through waste materials, recycled materials, garments that use environmentally friendly materials. Conque works with B companies and artists of diverse specialties that use different types of support in their creations, always with the objective of being sustainable and impacting the environment as little as possible.

We fully share the philosophy that motivates Conque and invite you to visit this beautiful store where, in addition to the full line of Anakena cosmetics, you will discover beautiful creations by local artists.

Contact us:
Conque Store
Atamu Tekena s/n (main street in front of "La Cosecha" store)
Hanga Roa - Easter Island
cellular: +569 59358832
Instagram: @conquerapanui
Facebook: Conque Rapa Nui

Monday to Friday from 10 am to 2 pm and from 4 pm to 8 pm
Saturday from 10-14 hours


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