Keratin is the fundamental protein of the hair structure (hair is made up of keratin fibrils). The appearance and texture of the hair depends on it and it is responsible for keeping it strong and healthy.

However, hair strength and firmness can be compromised by environmental factors such as sun rays, air pollutants, dyes, excessive blow-drying or straightening, as well as stress, which can affect the keratin structure of the hair, resulting in dry, weak and dull hair.

Phytokeratin or Vegetable Keratin is an innovative formula that emerges as a natural vegetable alternative to compensate for the deterioration and loss of hair keratin in a very effective way.

It is a natural protein obtained from vegetable proteins, especially from corn, wheat and soy. It is made up of 18 amino acids and is a replica of the hair's natural keratin, making it perfect for reconstructing and regenerating hair.

Highly insoluble and with a very low molecular weight, vegetable keratin penetrates deep into the hair fiber creating a protective barrier, thus making up for the lack of natural keratin. The hair is thus hydrated from the inside, recovering its shine and resistance.

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