Monoi Balsam Shampoo Anakena

Anakena's values and philosophy

At Anakena - Natural Cosmetics we are not only concerned about beauty as something purely physical, but we want to give a holistic approach to skin and body care, caring about all the factors that are involved in the process.

Our goal is to help you simplify your skin care routine by focusing on the essentials that are both simple and effective. That's why Anakena cosmetics are premium multifunctional products that help you achieve healthy, radiant skin with minimal effort and impact. You can use the face cream also as an eye cream; the liquid soap is perfect for hand washing and also as a shower gel; and, the delicious Monoï oil is not only an excellent suntan oil, but also an ideal massage oil, a moisturizing hair mask and a great relaxant if you add a few drops to the water before taking a bath.

Anakena Tahitian Monoi Bath

As the saying goes: Less is more, so using fewer ingredients and fewer products can help you reduce the risk of irritation, sensitivity and skin damage.

But we are also convinced that health and beauty go from the inside out, and that is why we want you to remember that it is very important to maintain a healthy lifestyle, eat a balanced and natural diet, drink water and exercise.

Last but not least, we are concerned about the environment, so another of our objectives is to minimize the impact of our products and reduce the waste we leave in any part of the process, from manufacturing to final use. At Anakena we use plastic (PP) and glass containers, which are fully recyclable. We ask you to collaborate with us in caring for the environment and, once you have emptied them, leave the containers at the marked clean points so that they can be reincorporated into the recycling cycle. Remember: less waste = a healthier and more beautiful planet!

We invite you to continue to be part of our community, a community that shares our values, that cares about their personal care, their health and the health of our planet. Every day there are more of us!


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