Anakena hand cream


ANAKENA - Natural Cosmetics is committed to maintaining high quality standards at all times, which is why all the products that make up the Anakena line have been carefully designed, developed and elaborated to contribute to integral wellbeing. We use the best natural raw materials and formulas of proven efficacy.

Each of our formulas has been designed following those rigorous quality standards that characterize us. We choose the ingredients and active ingredients carefully and use them in high concentrations to guarantee the effectiveness of each product.

We choose noble raw materials, several of them with organic origin backed with ECOCERT certification, paying special attention to the quality and sustainability of their origin, as well as their respectful extraction. In this way we ensure that during the process these raw materials retain their wonderful properties.

In Chile, Anakena cosmetics are manufactured in the renowned Bellcos Laboratory. Our company Rapa Nui Natural Products EIRL complies with all legal requirements including, of course, the registration at the Institute of Public Health (ISP) of all products in our line.

In each batch the formula is exactly the same, thus guaranteeing that the same high quality is always maintained. Each package is marked with the lot number and expiration date of the product.

At Bellcos Laboratory, as in the laboratory that manufactures Monoï de Tahiti Anakena for us, exhaustive quality controls are carried out on each batch. Products are ready to be marketed only when they meet the established standards and are within the permitted ranges.

A team work, led by first class professionals, to guarantee our customers that Anakena's commitment to quality is fulfilled in each of our products.


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