Monoï de Tahiti Anakena applications

Monoï de Tahiti - the "wonder" oil

Do you know all the uses you can give to the wonderful natural Monoï de Tahiti Anakena 100% oil?

If you have already tried it, you surely know that the fantastic Monoï de Tahiti Anakena oil is much more than just a way to get a nice tan.
But, if you don't know it yet, we invite you to read on and discover its many benefits for skin and hair care. You too will surely fall in love with this unique and 100% natural product.

These are some of the uses you can give to Monoï de Tahiti Anakena, to get the most out of it:

♡ As a complete hair mask or just for dry ends: Monoï oil efficiently coats the hair fibers, forming a protective film that helps hair regain its shine.

♡ As a massage oil: its delicate aroma makes Monoï oil a perfect oil for an anti-stress massage. According to Polynesian tradition, newborns receive a daily massage with Monoï oil for its soothing and relaxing properties.

As a body oil: Monoï oil is an excellent skin moisturizer. It is recommended to apply it just after bathing, on slightly damp skin, as it is absorbed particularly quickly.

♡ As an aromatherapy treatment: Monoï de Tahiti is also used in aromatherapy as it has strong olfactory properties. Its fragrance evokes memories of beach, sun, summer and vacations. Just a few drops applied to the body or wrists are enough to quickly forget the stress of everyday life and immerse yourself in the dreams of the South Seas.

♡ As a tanning product: Monoï oil leaves the skin with a beautiful golden tan after sunbathing, but keep in mind that Monoï does not offer any protection against UV rays, so it is necessary to combine it with a good sunscreen.

As an "after sun" product: thanks to its moisturizing properties, Monoï oil is ideal for application to the body and hair after a day in the sun.

As a bath complement: just add a small amount of Tahiti Anakena Monoï to the bath water to enjoy a very special, relaxing bath full of beautiful sensations.

As you can see, Monoï oil has multiple applications and not only in summer. Always have your delicious Monoï of Tahiti Anakena and take advantage of all its benefits at any time of the year. We are sure you will fall in love with it!


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