Yasmin Huerta - Monoi Aconcagua

Monoi Aconcagua

Yasmín is a young and beautiful woman who, through her on-line business Monoi Aconcagua is committed to bringing the best skin and hair care products on the market to her region. That's why we are proud to have her as one of our beloved distributors.

She is an expert when it comes to natural body care products, placing the utmost importance on ensuring that the products she offers are environmentally friendly and animal-free.

Among her favorites is Monoi Oil as she has been seeing for herself for years the benefits this wonderful oil has for skin and hair. She knows well the importance of Monoi being 100% natural like Monoi Tiare Tahiti Anakena.

Contact us:
Monoi Aconcagua
Yasmin Huerta
cell: +569 72129639
Facebook: SalesMonoiAconcagua
Instagram: @monoi.aconcagua


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