The false stereotype of perfect beauty

What do you think of when you think of a beautiful woman? Surely the image of an actress or model comes to mind, tall, slim, with just the right curves and well delineated and, of course, without an ounce of fat. That young, radiant girl who looks perfect in any outfit, including the tiniest, sexiest bikini.

That is the stereotype of beauty that today's society has engraved on us thanks to television, movies and magazines. It is as if nothing that does not meet those "perfect measurements" can be considered beautiful.

Sadly, we have believed this "fairy tale" and we spend our lives trying to get even a little bit closer to that beauty. We spend a lot of money on beauty treatments, slimming and anti-cellulite creams, miracle diets and even surgeries that promise to make our body look like that of a model.

Of course, in 99.9% of the cases, transforming ourselves into that model we admire so much is not possible, so we end up frustrated, ashamed of ourselves and, most sadly, we stop loving and valuing ourselves.

But... think about it for a moment: is that really beauty? Of course it isn't!

All of us, each one of us, are beautiful in a unique and perfect way and not only on the outside but also on the inside. Stop comparing yourself to others, no matter how "perfect they may seem", relax and be yourself.

Enjoy life as much as you can, without thinking about appearances. Don't become one of those people who don't dress the way they would really like to or don't go to the beach because they are ashamed of their body. That lack of love for yourself will only cause you stress and make you feel unhappy. Leave aside what others may think of you, your image or your figure, you will never be able to please everyone, the important thing is that you are comfortable with yourself.

Take care of your body, of course, to stay healthy and feel vital, but do it for you and not for the image you think you should have. And most importantly, take care of your inner beauty, that which is not measured in centimeters or kilograms.

Be authentic, laugh, cry, get angry if necessary, forgive, dance, sing, relax and live every moment. Try to take out of your life the stress that makes your face sad and your eyes look sad. Life is not perfect, people are not perfect, but there is beauty in everything around us and, of course, in yourself, do not forget it and, above all, love yourself as you are.


Text by: Milagros Portocarrero, Anakena contributor and creator of the Patas de Gallo blog.
Patas de Gallo is a blog that invites you to reflect on how to obtain physical and mental wellbeing.
and maintain it over the years, so that growing older is a positive experience.


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