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Chile Bans Animal Testing in Cosmetics: A Historic Change in 2023

For Anakena - Natural Cosmetics, as a brand committed to animal cruelty-free cosmetics and certified by the NGO Te Protejo since 2017.As we were almost at the beginning, it is an honor to be part of a movement that on December 20, 2023 marked a milestone in the history of Chile: The approval by the Senate of the bill that prohibits animal testing for the manufacture of cosmetic products.

With this huge step forward, Chile becomes the 45th country in the world to commit to the protection of animal rights and takes a firm step towards more ethical and responsible practices in the cosmetics industry.

This achievement, driven by the NGO Te Protejo y Humane Society Internationalreflects a significant change in the collective consciousness and in the way we understand animal welfare. More than 300,000 signatures of support and the active participation of civil society have been crucial to this success. With this bill, Chile joins a select group of countries in Latin America, such as Guatemala, Mexico and some states in Brazil, which have already legislated in this direction.

From Anakena - Natural Cosmetics, we extend our most sincere congratulations and thanks to the NGO Te Protejo for their tireless work and dedication. Their commitment to the cause and their efforts have been fundamental to achieve this victory. As a brand that has already been certified by this organization, we are proud to be part of a community that values and respects life in all its forms.

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This is a historic moment for Chile and for all those who believe in a more compassionate and sustainable future. We celebrate this breakthrough and reaffirm our commitment to continue offering products that are not only high quality, but also ethically responsible.


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