Model in suit with blue moms


The customs, traditions and culture of Rapa Nui are very varied. For example, it is common in Rapa Nui to use the natural resources offered by the land and the sea, not only to feed themselves but also to elaborate beautiful artistic creations and wonderful costumes like the ones our models wear in the photo shoots we do for ANAKENA - Natural Cosmetics.

One of these incredible suits is made from a type of limpets known on the island familiarly by the name of "Māma azules", although its scientific name is "Chiton tuberculatus linne 1758".

These mollusks, approximately 40 mm in size, live attached to the rocks on the shores and under the surface of the sea water from where they are collected by the Rapa Nui using knives or some other sharp tool. To clean them it is necessary to put them in a pot with cold water, take them to the fire and let them boil. Once they have boiled, turn off the fire and leave them in the pot until they cool down. When they are cold, rinse them so that they lose the "shell" that covers them. Finally, wash the mollusks with detergent and dry them so that the "Blue Māma" show that wonderful bright sky blue color that characterizes them and are ready to be used in the making of beautiful traditional costumes like the one shown in the photo Ariana, our beautiful model.


suit with blue moms


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