Donation Hospital Del Salvador

A very special day for Anakena...

Today is a VERY special day for Anakena - Natural Cosmetics.
We were able to make a very significant delivery: Anakena shampoo and balm for the staff of the Hospital del Salvador in Santiago who work tirelessly fighting the Covid-19 pandemic, both in the hospital wards and making home visits to those affected by the virus.

In this way we want to express our deep gratitude and admiration for all the people at the hospital and for those around the world who are giving the best of themselves to care for the sick and defeat this serious disease.
We wish them all the strength and encouragement to move forward in these difficult times.

We would also like to thank José Santana, owner of the Jmakeup_studio store in Santiago, who is part of the hospital team and has given us all his help in organizing the donation and has even been in charge of picking up the products from our warehouse. It has been an impeccable collaboration between our company, José and Patricia Nuñez, the social worker of the Hospital del Salvador.

Nothing is too much to show our gratitude to healthcare professionals, now and forever! ❤️


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