Ricardo Tepano Ariana Icka Anakena

Photo session at Anakena beach

Yesterday we had a wonderful photo shoot with our beautiful model Ariana Icka Silva and photographer Ricardo Cuevas Tepano in Anakena. We were accompanied by a perfect weather with a warm sun, blue sky, some clouds and the water with a beautiful tropical blue color with various shades.

We were also lucky enough to be the only people in the entire sector for the duration of our intense session, apart from the park rangers who work there daily, as Anakena beach is part of the Rapa Nui National Park. We feel very fortunate and grateful to have an exclusive permission to take pictures for our brand Anakena - Natural Cosmetics in the Rapa Nui National Park, unique and famous worldwide for the presence of the famous moai.

As we did photos for both Anakena lines - Chile and Germany - which have different cosmetic products - it has been a very intense session, but in the end we all left very happy with the goal achieved. We will be happy to show you soon the beautiful results on our social networks and website.


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