Monoi de Tahiti_Cafe DIY PEELING

Homemade Peeling with Monoï de Tahiti

Having clean skin helps to keep it healthy, but it is not enough to wash it with soap and water, at least once a week it is advisable a deeper cleansing to remove dead skin cells and help it regenerate.

At home and using everyday products, even some that you would normally throw away, you can achieve a natural and deep exfoliation that will leave the skin of your face and body beautiful and cared for.

Make your own homemade scrub by combining the coffee grounds (the ones you throw away after brewing coffee in a coffee pot) with the wonderful Monoï Tahiti Anakena oil, as shown in the video, and apply it on the skin you want to cleanse by making circular movements with your fingers. When finished, rinse your skin with warm water and that's it! You will notice the difference immediately!

The caffeine in coffee has a tightening effect and the small particles of coffee grounds will cleanse your skin without damaging it. In addition, the Monoï Tahiti oil will contribute to moisturize it and leave it with a delicious scent.

Remember that to prepare this easy homemade exfoliating scrub, the Monoï oil must have a liquid consistency. If it has solidified in the bottle -something that happens when it is at temperatures below 24 degrees- you will only have to submerge the bottle in hot water for a few minutes and the oil will be ready to use again.


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