Ape 50 by Rapa Nui Natural Products in Tahai Easter Island

Our company trolley in Rapa Nui

In this photo, taken a few days ago in Rapa Nui, you can see our beloved and always faithful Piaggio Ape 50, an original arrived to Easter Island directly from Italy!

This red beauty has been our company trolley for 17 years, has accompanied us tirelessly to deliver our orders and delights the children of the island, who, when they see it on the street, wave and laugh, which makes it even more beautiful to use.

During these 17 years, maintaining the Piaggio has been a challenge, only one person on the island knows how to fix it and he manages to do it mainly using his ingenuity, because when he needs a spare part we have to order it from Germany!

In the photo, the Ape "poses happily" in Tahai with the ahus and moais in the background and with the only company of some horses, since for the moment the island is still closed to tourism.


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