Anakena_Honey Hand Cream

The fantastic Rapa Nui honey in our hand cream

Bee honey is one of the healthiest natural products in the world. One of its most common uses is as food, since it not only serves as a sweetener, but is also an important source of protein. In addition, honey is recognized as having important health benefits such as aiding digestion, relieving coughs and sore throats, helping to reduce muscle pain and swelling, and aiding in the recovery of wounds and burns.

Its use in cosmetics dates back to ancient times. It is known that the Greeks, Romans and Egyptians already used bee honey to make ointments, creams, lotions and masks for the skin, due to its emollient, moisturizing and healing properties.

In Asian countries such as China, Japan or Thailand, honey has also been used for centuries to make creams and other cosmetics and is highly appreciated due to its whitening effect on the skin.

Honey from bees is a gift from nature and not without reason is known as "honey from bees".liquid gold". For the skin it is a real treasure because its natural antioxidants help regenerate skin damaged by free radicals, pollution and sun exposure, preventing premature aging.

Honey brings healing, anti-inflammatory and soothing properties to cosmetic products. It absorbs and retains moisture from the environment, forming a film on the skin that helps it stay moisturized and look glowing and healthy.

Natural honey directly from Rapa Nui.

What makes this honey special is that since it is produced by bees that are completely isolated from the rest of the world, they are healthy bees, free of bacteria and mites, raised in environmentally friendly hives and with access to a wide variety of flowers. That is why their honey is one of the best in the world.

Thanks to this, Anakena hand cream brings to the skin of the hands all the maximum benefits of this unique honey, producing immediate effects on dry skin, irritated or damaged by external elements such as pollution or detergent and disinfectant products.

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