Mahatu Nui

Mahatu Nui Polynesia

"Mahatu Nui Polinesia" which in Rapa Nui language means "big heart of Polynesia" is the beautiful undertaking of Karina and Marlon, a couple of Rapa Nui and Polynesian culture lovers who are dedicated to transmit the best of those lands in the city of Concepción, where they live.

Karina and Marlon are Polynesian dancers and also organize seminars and dance workshops in the VIII Region, make costumes and accessories for dancing, sell handicrafts, sarongs and now also Anakena cosmetics.

All friends interested in contacting them can do so at:

Instagram: Mahatu_nui_polynesia
Facebook: Mahatu Nui Polynesia
Cell/Whatsapp: +569 97070796
and mail:


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