Summer Mist Launch


Finally, the time has come to reveal the secret and introduce the new product that will be part of the Anakena Cosmetics line from today: the delicious Summer Mist Body Fragrance !!

This exquisite eau de cologne is refreshing, youthful and energizing, thanks to its unique scent that combines the perfume of citrus fruits with the floral notes of tipanie and the sweetness of sandalwood.

From the very moment you apply it on your skin you will feel a pleasant sensation of energy and well-being and as the minutes go by you will notice how a warm and relaxing aroma invades you thanks to its solar notes, which will transport you to a wonderful vacation afternoon.
Take summer with you everywhere and all year round with the new Summer Mist Anakena!

Contents: 60 ml - 220 ml in PET container with vaporizer


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