Happiness is a choice

Happiness is in the simple things

We all want to be happy, that is the ideal of the human being, but unfortunately too often we do not find the way to achieve it.

If we watch TV, it seems that the advertisers have the answer.... We will be happy when we have the luxury car, the latest fashion trend, the shiniest accessories and jewelry, or when we get to have the models' perfect body..... But will getting that really make us happy?

Being able to buy that luxury car, that fashionable dress, those dream shoes or the latest technological breakthrough will surely give you great joy, but it is not true happiness. At the end of the day, after a few days you will have gotten used to the car, the dress or whatever and the euphoria of the first moment will have passed.

So, if getting those "wonderful" things doesn't make you permanently happy, what does make you happy? Very easy... what really makes you happy is in the little everyday things that are there and that the rush to achieve material things, makes you forget from time to time.

Because, what is life but the sum of moments... and what is happiness but the sum of moments of joy that make you feel good about yourself and those around you.

That's why we invite you to fill your days with happiness. We invite you to give yourself small details that will make you smile and that at the end of the day will make you feel that it was a day that was worth it.

Happiness is a choice

❀ Sit calmly at the table and enjoy your meal with all your senses. Don't just eat, but savor... stop at each ingredient and discover it as if it were the first time. You'll be surprised by everything you didn't realize.

❀ Take a relaxing bath that is not just to "fulfill" your daily routine, but to pamper and pamper yourself. Cleanse your skin thoroughly but delicately, with the delicious Anakena scrub and enjoy feeling your skin clean and soft. Afterwards, dry your whole body thoroughly, apply the delicious Anakena body butter and immerse yourself in its delicate and relaxing Monoi scent. 

❀ Go for a walk in a park and pay attention to the sounds you never hear, feel the birds singing happily and carefree, feel the wind in your face and listen to the sound of the trees swaying in the wind.

❀ Meet friends and share with them your life and theirs. There is nothing more efficient to fill your heart with love than to be surrounded by those you love and who love you.

❀ Uncork a bottle of wine and savor each sip without haste.

❀ Enjoy the smiles of children playing in the street and old people basking in the midday sun.

❀ Listen to your favorite music with nothing to interfere with the sound or read that book you've been putting off for so long.

❀ Look into the eyes of those you love and tell them how you feel. They may already know, but tell them anyway, doing so will make you feel wonderful...and they'll love to hear it too.

Think about what you like and do it, no matter how simple it is. But do it for real, focusing all your attention and energy on what you are doing and then you will see that you don't need to go to a store to find happiness, because filling your life with moments that make it worthwhile is in your hands!

Happiness is a choice

Text by: Milagros Portocarrero, from the blog Rooster Legs https://patasdegallo.com

Patas de Gallo is a blog that invites you to reflect on how to obtain physical and mental wellbeing and maintain it over the years, so that growing older is a positive experience.


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