Anakena_membrane Hand Cream


One of our most important objectives is to offer our customers high quality products and that includes their packaging. That is why for our hand cream Anakena we have chosen an "airless" container, which means that the cream is vacuum-packed.

This type of container is excellent for cosmetic products, not only because of its practical format, but also because it avoids constant contact between the cream and the fingers (what happens with a conventional pot). In addition, the membrane located at the opening of the container gives even more protection to the content, preventing it from coming into contact with the air or with some bacteria.

The airless dispensing system of our container is characterized by a very good drainage capacity, which means that its contents can be used almost completely without any leftovers remaining at the end, as happens with some other containers.

Before the first use, it will be necessary to "pump" a few times before the cream comes out of the valve. Once the cream comes out the first time, no more pumping is needed, the cream will come out instantly.

Anakena Hand Cream


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