Francisco Riroroco

Francisco Riroroco - Rapa Nui Musician

In Anakena - Natural Cosmetics we love to share with our friends and followers videos with beautiful images of Easter Island in our social media stories.

These videos have served as inspiration to our friend Francisco Riroroco, known as "Riro", who is a well-known musician from Rapa Nui, to compose an exclusive music for our brand. In addition, he himself is the one who plays it so that we can use it as background music.

Francisco is an expert in guitar and ukulele although he plays several other instruments. He also works in the store RapaMusic, which is located on the main street of Hanga Roa, Easter Island, which is also seen in the background of the photos.

You can contact Francisco via:
Cell/WhatsApp: +569 96104777
Facebook: francisco.riroroco.8

Francisco Riroroco


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