Paulina Urrutia_Smell perception

Anakena Eau de Parfum in the Nose of an Expert

We love to share the opinions of our friends and customers about Anakena cosmetics and, especially, the reviews of our products by expert cosmetic bloggers, because they always contain beauty tips, useful advice and give us their honest opinion.

In this video you can enjoy Paulina Urrutia's detailed and expert analysis of the Anakena Eau de Parfum, in her YouTube channel Olfactory Perception. We love how she is able to differentiate all the olfactory notes of our perfume and know that it gave her that feeling of floral freshness that is the hallmark of our brand.

Paulina is a forestry engineer by profession, an environmental consultant and a lover of perfumery, which she considers an art. For her, each scent is an exciting journey of discovery and a way of remembering people and emotions.

What was initially a hobby for Paulina - the world of fragrances - has become a specialization. She has spent a year and a half learning in depth and training her nose to improve her perception and understand what each perfumer or creator wants to tell with their fragrances. 

Through her YouTube channel, to which Paulina currently uploads one video a week, she shares with her friends and followers everything she has learned, reviewing each perfume in an honest and respectful way and always taking into account the context of each scent.

The name of her channel, Olfactory Perception, is due to the fact that, as she points out: "Perfumery is associated with our ability to capture a scent, process it and give it a place in our brain, therefore, this in each person will be different and in my case, in this channel I express my personal way of bonding with them."

We hope that when you see this beautiful video of Paulina, can get closer to the Tiare-Monoï fragrance of our Anakena perfume and discover more about the magic of Polynesia that we want to bring to your home through it.




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