Model with Tahiti Anakena Monoi Balm Shampoo

Discover Anakena's Hair Beauty Ritual: Transform Your Hair with Our Three-Step Treatment

Begin the transformation of your hair with the complete hair care treatment that Anakena - Natural Cosmetics offers you. A beauty ritual in three steps that will make your hair healthy, soft, shiny and full of life.

Start this ritual with the oil Monoï de Tahiti AnakenaAmong its many applications, it can be used as a hair mask in the most natural and ancestral style. Pour a small amount of Monoï oil in your hands and apply it on your dry or wet hair, distributing it from the scalp to the ends. Massage gently to soak in and cover with a towel. Leave the oil on for as long as possible, ideally overnight.

The second step is to wash your hair thoroughly with Anakena Shampoo. If the shampoo does not lather easily during the first wash, repeat the process to remove all traces of oil. Anakena Shampoo is made with natural guava extracts y algae certified organic by Ecocert. Its delicate formula cleanses thoroughly, nourishing and repairing the hair in depth, but remember that it is a natural shampoo, without detergents, so it always produces little foam.

Finally, apply the fantastic Anakena Conditioner balm to your hair, which will give it that final touch of hydration and will leave it soft and untangled thanks to its natural extracts and vegetable proteins that strengthen and restore it.
If you can, let your hair air dry and avoid using a blow dryer.

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