Anakena cosmetic analysis in an independent laboratory

Anakena, one step further

For Anakena it is fundamental to offer cosmetics that comply with all the legal requirements of Chile and that are in compliance with what is established by the Institute of Public Health (ISP), but in addition, we always try to go one step further. That is why we take our products to independent laboratories to be analyzed and tested beyond what is strictly required by law, because it is very important to us that each product has the highest possible quality and that our customers are sure that we really care about their care and well-being.

To this end, we recently sent a pack of Anakena products to a laboratory in Europe. There, Anakena cosmetics are subjected to organoleptic testing, ph level measurement, stability and microbiology analysis. Some of these rigorous tests take 90 days!
In addition, extensive dermatological tests are performed, which means that our products are used by volunteers chosen by the laboratory to test them on the skin for a prolonged period of time, always under the constant supervision of the laboratory in order to check if they meet its strict criteria.

We work tirelessly hand in hand with the laboratories that manufacture our products, as well as with other specialized laboratories, to bring our customers first class cosmetic products they can trust!


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