Dominic Zelaya, SERNATUR Easter Island Manager

Anakena receives R Seal from Sernatur Rapa Nui

The R Seal is a distinction granted by Sernatur to companies that offer tourism services or products in compliance with all legal requirements and guarantees the formality and seriousness of the companies that obtain it. That is why we are very happy and proud that Anakena - Natural Cosmetics has obtained the R Seal from Sernatur Rapa Nui.

At Anakena we are committed to offer our customers top quality cosmetics that are worthy ambassadors of the beauty and magic of Easter Island. Our product line is a unique souvenir for those who visit Rapa Nui and its aroma will always transport them to the magic of this unique island in the world. The R Seal guarantees our customers that they are buying a good quality local product, produced and sold by a registered company that meets the standards required by Sernatur.

Anakena cosmetics are available on Easter Island and throughout Chile.

Dominic Zelaya, SERNATUR Easter Island Manager
In the pictures you can see Dominic Zelaya Aguilar, in charge of the local registration area of Sernatur Rapa Nui, with our seal R..
Photo credits: Cindy Soto Diaz


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