Moai Bene Tucki in Stuttgart

A little piece of Rapa Nui in Germany!

The lookout point at the Santiago de Chile square in Stuttgart

The square - which is actually more of a small park - is located in front of the Haigst church and offers one of the most beautiful views of the city of Stuttgart.

On the initiative of the Chilean Consulate in Stuttgart, in particular the Honorary Consul and the architect Georg Kieferle, the "Auf dem Haigst" square was renamed "Santiago de Chile-Platz" in 2006.

To decorate it, two very representative Chilean figures were donated: a moai from Easter Island and the bust of the Chilean Nobel Prize winner Gabriela Mistral, along with a commemorative stone from the Maipo Valley, one of the areas with the greatest winemaking tradition in the country.

The moai sculpture is approximately 2 meters high and is the best known image of Easter Island in the world. It was created by the well-known island artist Benedicto "Bene" Tuki Pate.

By the way, in Santiago de Chile there is also a counterpart to this square: the "Plaza Stuttgart" where you can see three sculptures of the famous "Rössle" (horses) of Stuttgart.

We think it is a very nice idea, worthy of being imitated by many other cities around the world as a way to connect through a beautiful cultural exchange.


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