Rincón Lafkenko Temuco

Rincón Lafkenko in Temuco

El Rincón Lafkenko is the beautiful space created by María Angélica Osores in the family business she has with her husband in Temuco, the Nazareth Bakery.

Lafkenko means "spring water" in Mapudungun and refers to the natural and pure in nature. This has been the inspiration that has led María Angélica to start this venture with the objective of bringing to the women of her region natural products for their personal care.

The complete range of Anakena cosmetics is now present in this beautiful corner of southern Chile, to bring the magic of Rapa Nui to its customers through María Angélica and Lafkenko.

Contact us:
Nazareth Bakery
María Angélica Osores Yáñez

Local 1
98 Manuel Bulnes St., corner of Miraflores St.

Local 2
Monica Gutierrez Barber Salon
Portales 355

Mail: pdeencuentronazareth@gmail.com
Instagram: @cosmetica.lafkenko
cell +569 986108782


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