Olita de Mar Rapa Nui Store

Olita de Mar Store

A few months ago, during the difficult times of the pandemic and with the island of Rapa Nui closed to tourism, the store "Olita de Mar", created by Nicole Benavides, was born.

Nicole's initial idea was to find a fun activity that would also bring her income in those uncertain times. Although she began by participating in fairs and selling her products through social networks, her entrepreneurship has led her to take a risk and open her own store.

"Olita de Mar" has become not only Nicole's store but also a collaborative meeting space where other women living on Easter Island can offer their products and creations. A showcase open to the public to showcase the talent of beautiful and hardworking women.
The product offer in "Olita de Mar" is very varied: from plants to silver jewelry, beautiful accessories for women and, of course, the complete line of Anakena cosmetics.

Contact us:
Olita de Mar
Nicole Benavides
Te Pito o te Henua s/n
Hanga Roa - Easter Island
cell: +569 50876641
Instagram: @olitademarcl
Facebook: Olita de mar


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