Monoï de Tahiti oil is the result of the combination of Tahitian coconut oil and Tiare Tahiti flowers (gardenia taitensis), whose tropical aroma is very characteristic and is made according to a traditional Polynesian recipe.
It is an oil with multiple uses. It is a wonderful tanning oil, but it is also perfect to be used as a body moisturizer. As for hair care, our Monoï de Tahiti Tiare can be used in two ways:

~ As a Moisturizing Mask
Pour a small amount of Monoï de Tahiti Anakena skin and hair oil in your hands and apply it on your dry or damp hair, distributing it from the scalp to the ends. Massage a little so that it soaks in well and cover with a towel. Leave the oil on for as long as possible, preferably overnight. Finally wash your hair thoroughly with shampoo. If the shampoo does not lather easily during the first wash, then wash it a second time - of course better if it's with our Anakena Nourishing Shampoo. If you can, let your hair air dry and avoid using a blow dryer (note: applying heat always damages the hair).

~ As a Conditioner
Wash your hair thoroughly with Anakena Nourishing Shampoo. Then, distribute a small amount of liquid Monoï oil on wet hair and massage the scalp and distribute the oil through the hair. Finally, rinse your hair thoroughly. Thorough rinsing is important so that your hair does not look greasy when it dries, but has nice volume and a healthy shine.
Your hair will keep the soft fragrance of Tiare Monoï for a long time.


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