Anakena Hand Cream

Anakena Hand Cream Launching

We are absolutely proud to finally present the first product of the Anakena line that contains a natural ingredient from Rapa Nui: the new Anakena hand cream, the second new product we have just launched!

This cream is very special because, as we say, among its star components is the original Easter Island honey, one of the purest honeys in the world, since it is produced by bees free of foreign diseases.
The cream's natural formula, with organic extracts of guava and algae, helps to nourish, moisturize and protect hands from the external aggressions to which they are exposed at all times.

Honey, on the other hand, provides the cream with antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and revitalizing properties, contributing to softer and better cared-for hands.

Contents: 50 ml in a practical airless container, ideal for carrying everywhere.


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