Honey Meri Honey Rodrigo Labra

The Exquisite Rapa Nui Honey: The Secret Behind Our Hand Cream

One of the most popular products of our cosmetic line is Anakena Hand Cream, which among its ingredients stands out for containing one of the most exquisite and pure honeys in existence, since it is produced by bees from Rapa Nui, considered the healthiest bees on the planet.

Specifically, our hand cream contains Honey Meri honey, produced in the middle of the ocean, in the gardens of Hanga Roa, by beekeeper Rodrigo Labra on Easter Island.

His bee farm is located in the center of the village and thanks to the subtropical climate of Rapa Nui, he can achieve several honey harvests throughout the year, which allows him to obtain different varieties and colors of this wonderful honey.

The recognized Honey Meri honey brand has certifications and permits that guarantee its quality, traceability and innocuousness for its development and subsequent commercialization.

This fantastic natural honey provides Anakena hand cream with its wonderful moisturizing and regenerating benefits, resulting in a healthy, protected and beautifully smooth and soft hand skin.

Photo: © Rodrigo Labra


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