Harmful habits that sap your energy

Everyday life is full of small and big challenges and goals to achieve. Regardless of their size, the truth is that the more positive energy you have to face them, the better.

However, even if you don't realize it, you probably have habits that not only don't help you keep your "batteries charged", but also contribute to rob you of energy and make everything seem more difficult.

Identifying which are those habits that are part of your life and take away your energy is the first step to work on them until they are reduced as much as possible and, in the best case, eliminated completely.

These are some of those harmful habits that we recommend you change to feel better:

Worrying about what you can't control
Worrying about things like what will happen in the future is a common occurrence, but in the vast majority of cases these are worries about events that you cannot control. Worrying does not prevent what you fear from happening, nor does it solve any problems, but it causes stress, anxiety and saps your energy.

Focus on what you can control and don't be afraid to concerns, but rather contact of these things. This will make everything easier.


Being a perfectionist
If you are one of those who seeks to be a perfectionist in everything, you have probably been frustrated more than once. Perfection does not exist and it is also very subjective, so what is perfect for you may not be perfect for others.

Seeking perfection in everything is exhausting and also impractical because it prevents you from moving forward.

Do your best and relax. Be yourself and accept that things, people and life can be good and bad. of many shades and colors without the need to be perfect.


Allowing yourself to be absorbed by the worries of others
You may think it's your duty to care about what the people you care about care about, but that's a fallacy.

Helping others whenever possible is wonderful, but only sharing your concerns when you have no real chance of doing anything about them does not help others or yourself.
Other people's problems are NOT your problems.


Trying to help someone who does not want your help
How many times have you seen yourself trying to solve other people's problems and all you have achieved is to feel frustrated because it seems to be of no use.

Even if you have the answer to their problems, it is impossible to help someone who does not want to be helped. Remember that no matter how much you stretch out your hand to get someone out of the hole, if the other person does not stretch out his hand, you will not be able to get him out. All you will do is waste your energy in vain.

It is not even worth giving advice to those who do not want to receive it.


Giving too much importance to the opinions of others
You can never be liked by everyone, no matter how hard you try, so relax. Look inside yourself and be authentic by living your life according to your principles and your dreams.

If you're dependent on what others think about you and the things you do, you'll lose sight of who you really are. Set your own pace and don't follow the pace of others.


Spending too much time hooked on technology
Whether on the computer, cell phone, video games or television, if you spend too much time connected you will end up draining your energy. When you realize that you have been "hooked" for too long, act quickly, disconnect from technology and connect to real life, people and nature. There is nothing better to recharge your batteries.

And also avoid becoming too contaminated with the news. Although it is useful to be informed, excess does harm, especially considering that the news usually only highlights the bad and sad side of reality, which is not the only one.


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