commemoration ceremony in Anakena

Exciting Commemoration in Rapa Nui

Last Saturday, the spectacular commemoration of the arrival of King Hotu Matu'a to Rapa Nui took place in Hangarau o Te Ariki, the beach known worldwide as Anakena, in a day of celebration that gathered families around traditions and history.

The ceremony was organized by the intangible heritage area of the Ma'u Henua Indigenous Community and the Ao Tupuna Foundation.

The celebration began with a brief explanation of the King's arrival on the island, shared by leading experts from the community.
Then came the staging of the arrival of King Hotu Matu'a. This event, which marks the beginning of the history of the ethnic group on the island, was narrated in Rapa Nui by an inspired Mike Pate.

The most emotional moment of the great ceremony was at the Ahu Nau Nau, the placement of the eyes on one of the moai (the leftmost one) on the platform, accompanied by traditional dances and music.

Finally, we all shared a delicious "umu", the traditional Rapa Nui curanto. It was a very nice day, with all the attendees enjoying the food accompanied by music played by different bands from the island.

We would like to take this opportunity to give our sincere thanks to the organizers and volunteers who made it possible for those of us who live on the island (which is still closed to tourism) to enjoy an unforgettable day remembering the historical event that marked the beginning of the culture and history of Rapa Nui.



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