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Disconnect and find inspiration

There are times in life when we try with all our heart to find an idea or a solution to a problem, but no matter how hard we try it is as if that "light" does not want to turn on in our head.

However, it also happens that on other occasions and without looking for it, inspiration suddenly comes clear in our brain and catches us unawares.

woman taking a bath

Have you ever been in the middle of a relaxing bath and suddenly that "light" of inspiration comes on? I'm sure you have. And although it may not be the best time to run out and take notes, the truth is that the bathroom can be a wonderful "incubator of ideas".

The explanation is very simple: When you are immersed in a relaxing bubble bath or letting the warm water of the shower run over your body, all your senses are turned off in a certain way and this allows them to focus inward.

Women on the beach

But not only in the shower, any other relaxing activity such as a walk in nature, a stroll on the beach or a craft you enjoy, can make you forget for a moment the stress and worries of everyday life, freeing your mind and leaving space for creativity, inspiration and logical thinking.

That lack (albeit momentary) of stress allows your mind to concentrate to the maximum, increasing your ability to interconnect ideas and find unexpected, surprising and even daring solutions 😉.

Therefore, remember that the best way to have new ideas is to pause your mind, relax, walk, clear your mind...

In other words, not thinking may be the best way to boost your creativity and find inspiration!


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