What is the fragrance of Anakena cosmetics?

The characteristic scent of all ANAKENA cosmetics is Monoï, a floral-fruity fragrance typical of Polynesia and rarely used in cosmetics. 

It is a delicate fragrance with sweet touches. We say it is floral-fruity because it is the result of the maceration of a typical Polynesian flower called Tiare Tahiti (gardenia tahitensis), in refined coconut oil, extracted from the pulp of the fruit. The traditional production of Monoï is carried out in a very controlled way in Tahiti and has an appellation of origin.

The result of this maceration is a very soft and short-lasting scent. That is why at Anakena we use a Monoï scent specially developed to ensure that the fragrance remains on the skin for many hours.

In Anakena we want the fragrance of our cosmetics to be a link with those paradisiacal beaches of Polynesia, leaving the skin with a pleasant sensation of summer, sun and sea.


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