LUN Anakena

Anakena in Las Últimas Noticias

This morning has been very special because it began with the publication in the newspaper THE LATEST NEWS of the beautiful interview that Makarena Zapata did with me a few days ago.

It has been a great joy for me that this journalist, who specializes in publicizing national entrepreneurship, especially focused on beauty and personal care, wanted to know more about my brand ANAKENA - Natural Cosmetics, its history, its inspiration and the raw materials with which the products are made.

Anakena cosmetics want to be ambassadors in Chile and the world, of the beauty and richness of the Polynesian lands and especially of Rapa Nui, that is why I strive to create a complete line for body care using premium ingredients and natural extracts, all free of animal testing.

And that is precisely why the fact that the newspaper Las Ultimas Noticias wanted to know more about Anakena is something very significant for me and encourages me to continue growing.

I invite you to read the full interview at:


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