Erua Neru Rapa Nui Store

Erua Neru store in Rapa Nui

The beautiful E'rua Neru store, born in Rapa Nui in early 2022, is now part of the Anakena family. It is a beautiful undertaking resulting from the feelings of two brave and hardworking women who, dreaming of a space for self-love, self-care and self-healing, created a place where natural cosmetics, aromatherapy, wine therapy and local art meet, allowing the aromas, emotions and sensations to transport the soul of those who visit it, to a state of well-being.

The name E'rua Neru means "two priestesses" and was born to highlight the role of women both in Rapa Nui and in the world, who by being connected to herself is a guide for people.

I'ana is an enterprising woman, a nature lover, born and raised in Rapa Nui, an empowered woman who dreams of changing this world. She is the mother of two beautiful princesses to whom she teaches day by day the meaning of life for her. She loves living in Rapa Nui because there she feels free and connected with Nature, which heals her.

Karem is a 40 year old mother of two children, 14 and 12 years old respectively. With a free and free soul, she traveled with her children through Latin America for two years searching for the meaning of life and her own healing. The pandemic invited her to return after 10 years to Rapa Nui, where she began to apply what she had learned in her life through workshops and soul healing therapies.

We are excited that Anakena is part of this beautiful project and therefore we invite you to visit them when you are on Easter Island. There you will find wonderful natural cosmetic products and many other products designed for personal wellness.

Contact us:
Erua Neru Store
Karem Martínez and Iana Pacomio
Atamu Tekena s/n
Hanga Roa - Easter Island
cell: +569 73913818
Instagram: @erua.neru


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