Tiare Tahiti - gardenia tahitensis

Tiare Tahiti - the emblematic flower of French Polynesia

The Tiare Tahiti flower, whose scientific name is Gardenia Tahitensis, is one of the two main ingredients used to create Monoi Tiare Tahiti Oil.

This delicate and beautiful flower with white petals is native to Polynesia, hence its name, which refers to Tahiti, the largest island of French Polynesia.

Gardenia Tahitensis shrubs grow best in coral soils. Its branches produce soft, deep green leaves with delicate white flowers of 5 to 8 petals at the end, whose main characteristic is their sweet scent with a slight hint of vanilla.
The Tiare flower is the national flower of French Polynesia and the Cook Islands, and is a symbol for its people.

Although it is used as an ingredient in cosmetics such as Monoï de Tahiti oil, and as a traditional medicine to relieve migraines, earaches and insect bites, it also has great importance as a cultural symbol, so it is common to see it as a hair ornament or in flower necklaces given as a symbol of welcome.

Each bottle of our Monoï contains one of these delicate flowers that give it its characteristic soft and natural fragrance.


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