Anakena hand cream

Review Anakena Hand Cream by TeProtejo

Anakena hand cream is one of the latest launches and one of our most special products, since among its raw materials is bee honey directly from Rapa Nui.

For this reason, we are especially excited to share the nice review written by Magdalena Lopez, blogger of the NGO Te Protejo which, as you know, is the institution that certifies that the entire line of Anakena cosmetics is free of animal cruelty.

In the post, Magdalena shares her personal experience using Anakena hand cream and tells us about the importance of using a daily product that moisturizes and cares for them, especially in this cold season and because the pandemic forces us to wash our hands more and use disinfectant products such as alcohol gel, which is aggressive to the skin.

You can find the full article on Te Protejo's website, by following the link.


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